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The work bench is where you will find my works in progress. I'll be putting both still images and videos on this page, so please keep checking back, to see what is going on!
'Chaos' Machine

Animation is complete for this machine and I have started experimenting with basic textures. The intention is to use Bodypaint 3D to take this to a more advanced level.

This is one of five contraptions which will ultimately be used in the music video, for a song (yet to be written!), the central theme of which will be:

From Chaos Comes Order.

All will become clear as the project develops...
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'From' Machine

Another part of my music video project, for which animation is complete. Some (very minor) experimentation with textures, here.

The sky is currently at the test stage and I will probably come up with something more psychedelic/surreal, which will be more in keeping with the piece.

This particular machine is probably the most complex I have come up with to date, in terms of Xpresso. Very rewarding to see this working as planned!
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