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My ultimate goal is to produce my own music videos and I am intending to composite 3D with live action. On this page, I will be featuring my attempts at camera matching. Camera tracking will be the next stage - something I'm really looking forward to doing.
Beach Ball

Testing the nib to see how it writes with this one. My first attempt at using camera matching in C4D R14. I hadn't realised, at this point, that you could move the camera, if you did some patching (hadn't come across that, yet) in Photoshop.

None the less, it does go some of the way to illustrating the power of this particular aspect of 3D.
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The original photo for the scene. No Photoshop work has been done on this occasion.
Camera Match!

A more advanced attempt at camera matching - this time I have animated the camera.

The animation is a combination of Xpresso, Dynamics and the new Camera Morph, which features in R14.

Overall, the result is pleasing on the eye, but some post work in After Effects, to add motion blur and depth of field, would be of benefit. Something for the future, certainly!
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Original and Photoshopped images for the above clip. Removing clutter was the first port of call, followed by a fairly high agree of patching, having created the various layers, as the camera makes some quite dramatic moves, during the course of the scene.

A clip from a future music video, for a song entitled, A Numbers Game.

MoDynamics were used for the main pile of numbers, along with standard Dynamics for the machine and chute. No Xpresso in this one for a change! The machine is animated using a couple of key frames.

Once again, some post work is required to give motion blur to the numbers as they fall from the chute, along with some depth of field.
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Original and Photoshopped images for the above clip. Mainly an exercise in removing clutter from the image, plus some additional airbrushing to the sky which ultimately, didn't get used, as I replaced it with one of C4D's. Still worth practising with Photoshop's airbrushes, though!
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