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These are a selection of images created over the last few years. I don't tend to produce that many still images these days, but I like to design artwork for albums and have always been interested in logo design, as I greatly enjoy working with lettering.
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Sittingbourne Swords

Logo design for my fencing club, featuring the Sittingbourne wyvern, created from a photograph, using a an extruded spline. Sketch and Toon was used for final render here, as I felt the artwork would look better on printed materials. A monochrome version with dark blue lettering also exists and is often used on forms and the like.

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Young Sounds

Logo design for my company, Young Sounds. Originally set up as a 'record label' for children's music, it now forms an umbrella for my various pursuits. This design has evolved from an earlier and somewhat simpler effort, created using an application, called
Pixar Typestry.

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Rip Roaring Records

Logo design for my label, Rip Roaring Records. I've gone for a retro style with this, as it reflects the nature of my main musical style (psychedelic rock) and visually compliments it well.

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Artwork for the first album by The Unknown, Waiting for Those Days.

Track Listing:

Waiting for Those Days
Face on a Flagstone
Land Beyond the Rainbow
For Our Tomorrow
You'll Understand One Day
Angel of the Night
Crazy Game
Voice in the Crowd
A Load of Balls
Another Robin Hood

All of the above tracks can be heard here:

Waiting for Those Days

The design was inspired by war cartoons and the cannon features elements from howitzers throughout history.

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Artwork for the second album by The Unknown, The Man at the Window.

Track Listing:

Today's the Day
Master of Disguise
Ever Young
Mr Merrick
Veil of Secrecy
Gotta Be Some Changes
The Man at the Window
Freak Show

All of the above tracks can be heard here:

The Man at the Window

An abstract design, purely inspired by the title track of the album.

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Artwork for the third album by The Unknown, Future Calling.

Track Listing:

I Want to be a Machine
False Dawn
Prying Eyes
Seven Years
Future Calling
The Other Side of Strange
Disturbing Secrets
I Never Talk to Strangers
Don't Like the Things You Do
Robot for a Day

All of the above tracks can be heard here:

Future Calling

This piece was inspired by the title track of the album. I referenced the Enigma Machine for the design of the buttons on the phone which, if it were real, would allow you to phone any year, month, date and time.

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Artwork for the fourth album by The Unknown, These Modern Times.

Track List:

There are Ways
Haunting Melody
These Modern Times
Was it You or Was it Me?
Big Man
Washed Up Old Women and Mangled Old Men
Sea of Destiny
Tuesday Morning
Old School Tie

All of the above tracks can be heard here:

These Modern Times

Originally, I'd thought about creating a scene from a video game here, but it was too cluttered. I then thought about a retro 'iMac' and once this focussed, the rest of the piece quickly took shape.

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