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On this page, you will find a selection of what can best be described, as 'mechanical e-cards'. A number of causes for celebration are covered and I have further ideas for cards in mind, so please keep an eye out for them on here! Furthermore, all of these cards are available for sharing, via my Facebook page:
Birthday Card 1

My first e-card and also the first complete piece of procedural animation I had created at the time. The initial idea came from an experiment to find the best way to simulate a clutch, two of which feature in the animation. I also had to find the best way to create party blow outs, which proved an interesting challenge. Cloth simulation was also used to produce the banner, which has been designed to resemble metallic wrapping paper.
Birthday Card 2

My second e-card, this time featuring a combination of dynamics and Xpresso. A very simple idea, but quite effective in delivering it's message. Tricky to setup the rolling marble using Cinema's original Dynamic Module, but perseverance paid off in the end! I also used Renato Tarabella's Path Deformer plugin, to create the streamers that burst out from the Party Popper.
Congratulations Card

I got the idea for this one from a picture of a mono bike. Straight away, I realised I could transform one piece of engineering into something completely different. It's great when things like that happen! I've pretty much followed a clockwork theme throughout in this one.
Easter Card

Another combination of Xpresso and dynamics here. The top letter banners were created using dynamic splines - always a great feature of the original dynamics - and the eggs become dynamic when the break open to reveal the letters inside them; these are also dynamic! The idea with regard to texturing, was to make everything in the scene look as if it could be edible.
Good Luck Card

Once again, we have a windmill, driven dynamically and the rest of the animation is created with Xpresso. I had to do a fair amount of thinking to get this one to work, but I love a challenge and it was a great feeling when the whole thing finally came together. Always liked the compactness of this one!
Long Time No See Card

One of the most ambitious pieces of work I've ever created, in terms of what had to be done to make it happen. Dynamics for the windmill, spheres and the cables which connect each of the segments that make up the accordion banners. Everything else is entirely procedural. I also used Path Deformer for the final banner. Overall, this worked out rather well!
Valentine Card

I'd wanted to use dynamics again in this one, but on this occasion it was just too difficult to get them to do what I needed (had I have been creating this using R13, it would have been a different story), so the whole thing had to be done, using Xpresso. Not that it really matters - the card works fine!
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