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A selection of my mechanical creations can be found below. Inspired by the work of William Heath Robinson, The MYST series of adventure games and the great Wilf Lunn, who used to feature on the television programme, Vision On, back in the 70's. Was it really that long ago...
Expresso Mechanic's Workshop Ident

Go on, admit it - you were wondering if there was an animated version of this, weren't you? Well, here it is! Dynamics are used to create the wind that powers the mill, while everything else is animated using Xpresso expressions. Cloth simulation is also in evidence, being used to bring added realism to the banner at the end of the piece. The idea was to incorporate as many different types of mechanical processes as possible, in order to give some insight into the varied nature of my work.
Be Inspired!

Well, I sincerely hope you will be after visiting this website! This evolved from an experiment with what can effectively be referred to, as 'damped cam followers'. Basically, there are varying time delays between the cam followers for the letters that comprise the word "INSPIRED" returning to their points of origin from their maximum heights, as each of them are raised by the cam. This enables the entire word to be visible before the letters begin to drop, rather than each letter lowering as the next is raised. The animation is designed to run in a continuous loop, if necessary.
Air Compressor

In another life, I was a welder and sheet metal fabricator. Air compressors were machines I was familiar with, but always thought they were a little uninteresting to look at, unlike steam engines and the like. I also have a keen interest in retro-futurism (especially when it comes to films, such as Blade Runner and Brazil) and decided to design a compressor which could be described as such and be visually interesting to look at when animated. I therefore combined an electric motor, a crank shaft, rocker arms, bellows and a digital pressure gauge, to create a compressor, the like of which you have never seen before!
Water Pump

A combination of different machines is in evidence here. Fundamentally, based around an American oil pump, but powered by an electric motor, belt drives and a cam. Certainly, a workable design, though perhaps a little over complex for the job it actually does, when you consider that it only delivers water to a single tap - William Heath Robinson would be proud of me! I have used predominantly red and yellow for texturing here, giving the nod to steam engines and the industrial revolution in general. I wanted to create a machine that was slightly larger than life, with a bit of character to it and kept this thought very much in mind, when modelling the pressure gauge, which is much larger than it would ever need to be!
Musical Box

While I can't possibly be described as a 'character animator', I do like experimenting with the character animation tools that C4D has to offer and to use them in ways that are perhaps, slightly less obvious. This eccentric contraption is a prime example of doing exactly that. I have combined pose morphs with Xpresso to create a musical instrument which is essentially a more advanced take on a musical box with tines. Visually pleasing on the eye, this is one of my favourite pieces to date. There is no sound (as yet!), but you may be able to work out what it actually plays from the visuals alone. I'll give you a clue: It's a children's nursery rhyme, written by a infamous, classical composer, when he was just six years old.
4 Networking Ident

A short 'broadcast ident' created for a 10 minute workshop for my 4 Networking group. As we are a social and business networking group, I decided to incorporate as many trades and occupations in the animation as possible. I have used a combination of dynamics and Xpresso in the piece and also went for a more photorealistic look, as opposed to using Sketch and Toon, on this occasion.
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