Apr 2012

Videos now on Vimeo!

Having had a few people tell me that my videos are not viewable from the site, when using certain browsers, I have ported all of them to my Vimeo account and embedded them, here. They should now be viewable, in all browsers.


Work on the Showreel

I will be in the studio tomorrow to begin work on the soundtrack for the Expresso Mechanic Showreel. Hopefully, I can come up with something upbeat and dynamic, which will compliment the visuals. Not sure how long it will take for this to come together, but I’ll update the blog as things progress. Once I have the music sorted, I’ll start cutting the video material to it and possibly incorporate some overlays, using Apple Motion. Looking forward to making this all happen, as it is new ground for me!


A very warm Hello!

So, a very warm welcome to my website! Over the course of time, I’ll be adding to my body of work and as I do so, the pieces will be added to the site. I have plans to move into compositing 3D into live-action video, with a view to making my own music videos, which should make for some very interesting adventures. I also have an idea for a possible iBook based around my work with Xpresso, so there’s plenty to keep me occupied.

Anyway, that about wraps things up for now, but if you have enjoyed your stay at Expresso Mechanic’s Workshop, then please keep coming back!

I offer you all, my best wishes.