Getting Fiery!

Having recently discovered Jawset Visual Computing’s, Turbulence FD plugin for Cinema 4D and spent a few hours experimenting with it, I can highly recommend this marvellous add on, if you are looking to simulate realistic fire and smoke. This is a voxel based fluid simulation, built around the Navier Stokes equations, for describing fluid dynamics, and the results are truly stunning. Fog, clouds, dust and even explosive and pyrotechnic effects are possible and the plugin has already been used to produce such effects in games and feature films. If you are interested in creating fire and the like and have yet to discover Turbulence FD, for further information, please refer to:

New Material Added to The Work Bench!

I have now added a new video and four new stills to the Work Bench page. The latest machine from what will ultimately be a music video, illustrating the theme of order from chaos. This piece was quite some challenge and is pretty much, the most complex machine I have designed to date. Very rewarding to final see it working as it should!

I’ve started playing with textures and sky, though this will ultimately be something more psychedelic than the current, brooding version.

Hope you like what you see.


Tutorial Number 10 Now Online!

My latest video, further exploring the Range Mapper node is now online and can be viewed on the Tutorials page. Here’s hoping you find it useful!


A Way to Fix a Quirk!

Whilst working on my latest piece of mechanical mayhem, I discovered that Xpresso can sometimes cause a humble computer to have a bit of a brainstorm and start behaving very oddly indeed, whereas it was previously working fine. That being the case, I found that scrubbing quickly through the time line solves the problem, so this is well worth remembering, if you’re ever having trouble!


Another New Tutorial!

I have added my latest Xpresso video, giving insight into using the Range Mapper Node, to the Tutorials page, bringing the total number to nine, at present. I’ll be adding a few more and will also be covering other aspects of Cinema 4D, including using the HUD. In other news, I have almost completed both modelling and animation for the ‘From Machine’ - just need to iron out a few technical problems - and images will be winging their way to both the Work Bench and Vimeo, hopefully, within the next week. Keep checking the aforementioned places.

Until my next blog, I hope all is well within your own creative universe and that you continue being inspired!